How the Bedtime Prayer App Works

Listen Mode

In "Listen" mode, Instill will speak a 2-3 minute audio prayers, using the child's name throughout, with anointed background music. If parents prefer to read the prayers aloud themselves, they can click the "Read Prayer" Button and will be able to read the personalized prayer script for their child.

Learn Mode

In "Learn" Mode, Instill displays 5 key scriptures relevant to the current prayer theme. These scriptures can be spoken aloud by the Instill app, with scripture references. This helps children remember important scriptures.

Pray Mode

In "Pray" mode, Instill speaks short prayer sentences aloud, one at a time, for children to repeat. This helps children to practice praying out loud.

Up to 4 children can be added to the app, and the app can be used on up to 4 devices per user account.

Additional Features

  • Optional reminder push notifications are sent every night at the child's bedtime
  • Music continues to play after prayers are finished, to help settle children to sleep
  • Each child has total counts for completed Listens, Learns, and Prayers

Upgrades and Pricing

One prayer is included free "God's Love", with matching key scriptures in Learn Mode, and Prayers to repeat in Pray Mode. Additional prayers can be purchased per child, and include:

  • God's Presence
  • God's Peace
  • God's Provision
  • God's Protection
  • God's Purpose
  • God's Promises

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