Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn't I be praying over my child?

Absolutely! That's why we've included a script for you to use to read the prayers if you'd like to. Instill is an inspirational guide to bedtime prayer designed to help tired parents find the right words to pray, and, when it helps, to pray the words out loud.

Why does the app use a child's voice?

Rather than hearing from adults, which kids already do all day, we've found that a child's voice praying is like a trusted friend sharing a valuable and special secret, in a relatable way.

How does the app address problems or prayer points?

We've found that by starting prayer with the foundation of who God is and His thoughts toward us helps put problems and prayer points in perspective. We encourage you to pray together with your child more specifically after listening to or reading the Instill prayer.

What age is Instill for?

Instill is suitable for children of all ages, because we believe in the power of words spoken over children even before they fully understand them. That said, children should have a clear understanding of the prayers from age 5. Don't underestimate the power of routine, familiar words and music, and the comfort of prayer for settling children of any age to sleep.

What does Instill Cost?

Instill is free forever with one prayer "God's Love" included, along with two matching "repeat after me" prayers and set of key scriptures. For $2.99 USD / month you can add more music and 6 more prayers for your child, so they have a different one for every night of the week.

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